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GENEs... Why you can't lose weight and gain muscle.

Posted by Sarah on July 21, 2014 at 6:40 PM

“I was born with bad genes.” Heard that excuse before? One thing that is important to remember that though genes are important for physical activity and human performance, you can also impact which of your genes are expressed through your lifestyle habits.

If you are inactive and also have bad genes your BMI (body mass index) is more likely to be higher than those who have “good” genes. But if you are inactive and have good genes, there will be no difference between your BMI, and the BMI of those with bad genes who ARE active. Make sense? Inactive + good genes= Active + bad genes.


Whether you are in the worst risk profile or best according to genes, there is the same reduction in cardiovascular risk with activity. YAYYYYY.


How do you know if you are “active?” If you do 150 minutes moderate or 75 min vigorous activity or more, then ACSM says you are active. Oh and also you need to do some muscle strengthening at least twice per week for all those body parts.


Why should you be active? Those who meet these guidelines tend to live around 3 years longer than those not meeting guidelines. If you do more than the minimum you live on average 4 years longer. Sounds good to me?


What about light activity like daily walking, standing, carrying heavy things? Will this help you live longer and reduce your risk of disease? Well current research shows that there was no risk reduction in diseases that developed in this longitudinal study. But this data may be unsound because the physical activity data was gathered via self report.


Do you even know what sedentary behavior is? It’s defined as any waking behavior in a sitting or reclining position requiring less than 1.5 mets…. (MET - a physiological measure expressing the energy cost of physical activities). Why is sedentary behavior so bad…. Well idk about you but I’m definitely more likely to be munching on some tortillas when I’m sitting in front of the Netflix than when I’m just walking around town or doing laundry or something). The good news is that there may be no harm if you break up sedentary bouts.


Moral of the story… get off the computer. Turn off your you tubes. And LETS GO! Lets crush it. Peace.


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