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Kicking the Habit - Carbohydrates

Posted by Sarah on March 20, 2014 at 1:55 PM

Welcome to the Shred Spot!

Hi everyone. Springtime is here! It is time to really start making a commitment to DO something about whatever it is in your life that you feel that you want to improve. For me that means stopping being addicted to sugar! As you'll notice, I don't really have a problem sticking to a workout schedule, however, I find myself wandering towards unhealthy carbohydrates after dinner every day. And now is the time to change that. Join me this week in cutting down on sugar. I'm going to be eliminating all processed carbohydrates!

I’ve already made great strides towards this goal after committing to do a Bikini Competition this April. A whole new diet and exercise program doesn’t mean that cravings are just going to disappear though. You may have heard fitness professionals say success is determined by 80% diet and 20% exercise…. But I maintain that it’s 50% mental, 30% diet, and 30% exercise.


So this week as you are being challenged to kick the simple carbs, (white breads, wheat breads, tortilla chips, French fries, ice cream….) start to recognize when and why you crave them. Once you understand this, you can take steps to change your habits and live a healthier life.


Personally I have found that I am more likely to go for the carb binge whennn…. 1.I’m tired 2.I’m stressed/ procrastinating 3.I’m alone 4.After 7:00pm 5.If I’ve already eaten something unhealthy 6.This is not surprising as consuming carbohydrates releases dopamine, a feel good hormone. Unfortunately, the feel good moment is fleeting and guilt sets in rapidly.


Steps I will take to prevent these carb vulnerable moments include…. 1.Brushing my teeth at 8:30 PM (not 7 because sometimes I have another meal to eat before 8:30) 2.Getting ready for bed an hour prior to the time I would like to go to sleep. 3.Saying no to plans if I know I have a lot to get done 4.Having visual reminders of why I am not going to eat the unhealthy carb •Ex. Wearing a bracelet with something personally inspirational on it, writing down health goals daily 5. Reorganizing fridge and cupboard so that unhealthy options are less readily available.


I feel like this is the only way I will be able to kick the habit.


Some tips for kicking your habit.... - listen to your body - journal to determine what is triggering you to do the undesired behavior (for me this means dwoddling around food after I'm already full) - avoid the stimulus - replace your undesired behavior with a healthier alternative etc. etc.


Let me know what you all do to help curtail your unhealthy cravings.

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