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What should you be eating?

Posted by Sarah on May 19, 2013 at 10:10 PM

I recently read an article in Muscle and Body magazine concerning important dietary recommendations for active women. Of course it had a catchy title Six Top Nutrition Rules for Women as most magazine titles do. But let’s be honest, no one would read it without a catchy title. In this case, I’d consider this to be a good thing because the advice that this article had to offer seems to be sound. If it said 2 weeks for toned arms or something, I’d turn away because that article was likely written by someone who knows nothing of fitness.

One of the first points that the article makes is that many diets that are out there directed towards women are strict and are better suited towards women who don’t workout or get off of the couch. This is a sad but true fact because not only is this unhealthy for the woman who doesn’t get off the couch because she should be getting off the couch and the strict diet might not give her the energy to do so, but this is also discouraging for the exercising women because they may not gain strength, lose fat or increase stamina with these strict diets.

Because active women are breaking down more protein, burning more calories, and producing more free radicals than sedentary, their nutritional requirements are different! It’s so often that I see these otherwise fit girls in my classes sabotaging their best efforts with strict caloric restriction or simply over exercising and not giving themselves enough time to rest.

Remember you can be fit and fat and being fit and fat is healthier than being thin and unfit in terms of cardiovascular disease risk. But I digress, the point is that if you are an active woman and you’re constantly being encouraged by advertising and w.e. else to engage in unhealthy dieting practices remind yourself that in order to reach your goals of lifting more, running farther, doing more burpees in a minute, losing those last 5 pounds, you NEED plenty of calories, and you need whole “clean” foods. You don’t need 100 calorie bars; you don’t need 80 calorie yogurts loaded with artificial sweeteners.


If you were wondering what the Muscle and Body article said the six top nutritional rules for women were, here they are….

1. Include a full serving of protein with every meal

2. Eat small meals throughout the day

a. My comment on this is the be careful though… you still don’t want to be eating several large meals and going way over your calories. Not doing this can be difficult because chances are that the environment around you will be operating on the 3 meal a day system.

3. Have healthy fats with every meal

4. Stay hydrated

5. Replace high glycemic load carbs with fresh fare (leafy veg. legumes….)

6. Don’t forget your bones


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