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PART 1 10 seconds rest, 40 seconds work , 10 rounds

  • Rows with a barbell
  • commando burpees- just like a regular burpee but drop down completely on your belly then power up
  • leg lowers
  • squat jacks- start with feet together, jump feet apart as you land in a squat, reach for the floor, jump up bringing the feet together and hands over head.
  • side crunches- lay on your side, lay with feet slightly infront of your body, one hand behind your head, bottom arm is next to your body, use that arm for support as your lift up your upper body and lower body straight to the ceiling
PART 2 15 seconds work 15 seconds MORE WORK, 10 ROUNDS 5 minutes
  • mountain climbers- both feet land on the same time, land on the toes
  • knee hugs- start in a boat type pose, crunch up and give the knees a hug then lower back down

Krusty Krab

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Keeping a workout journal is so important because it will help you find out where you are and help you to gauge your improvement so don't forget to write down your scores to this workout! This one is fun and you spend a lot of time in the crab position, hence the name. Enjoy.

Part 1 10-20 24 rounds

  • russian kicks (from crab position)
  • commando push ups
  • lunge back kick up (l)
  • lunge back kick up (r)
  • scissor kicks

Part 2 10-30 16 rounds

  • leg extension tricep dip
  • side crunch (l)
  • side crunch (r)
  • sumo squat leg lift. 

What's your motivation?

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Hi everyone, 

I hope you enjoyed keeping up with the workout calendar last week and are looking forward to keeping up with it again. The reason why I decided to put up the workout calendar on this site was just to keep us all accountable. I find that puting my plans and goals in writing helps me reach them. It also just feels good to check things off and look back on what I've accomplished. Know what I'm saying? Let me know if you feel like the workout calendar has been a help to you.

If you don't feel like the workout calendar/ my daily posts on the blog have helped you stay with your exercise goals, I want to know if there is anything that you thing I could do to help you stay motivated? I am also curious to know what motivates you on a day to day basis. WHY are you working out and getting in shape... I think I know why a few of you are but I want to hear it from you. 

On that note, here is the workout for the first day of the week.....

Abs Assassin 4/18

PART 1: Weighted (sandbag or kettlebell) step up

Start on the left side of the chair OR box and pick up the Sandbag on your left shoulder. Step up and over the chair 3 times. Now you are standing on the right side of the chair. Lunge back with your right leg and bring the knee up 3 times. Put the Sandbag down. This is one set. Now pick up the Sandbag and put it on your right shoulder. Continue the sequence always switching shoulders after each set. Do 20 sets as fast as you can.

PART 2: Pike Jump Push Up Combo
10-30 6 rounds

 3 Pike Jumps over your mat and then do 2 step over push ups. Repeat as many times as possible during each 30 second interval


PART 3: Crazy Crab Dance with Toe Touch
50 Reps for time
Try to lift your hips up as much as possible when you go to touch your toe, lift the but up, reach the arm up and opposite leg, really crunch up

Flab to Fab... corny name much?

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April 10, 2011

Abs Assassin

24 rounds

10-35 (max intensity during the 35 seconds)

  • lunge back crunch up, side lunge crunch up (r) - as you bring the leg up do a forceful crunch toward that leg
  • lunge back crunch up, side lunge crunch up (l)
  • smiley face crunches- from a supine position and legs at a 90 degree angle, push them out to the right, back to starting, push them out to the left, back to starting, extend the legs and draw the smile, repeat in other direction (tracing a smiley face)
  • pick up jump exercise- pick weight up over head, squat, take two jumps forward, put the weight down, repeat in other direction
  • dynamo push up- from plank, jump feet forward then back and out and do a push up simultaneously
  • sleeping crab exercise- lay down, assume crab position, lift up butt, one leg and the opposite arm, beginners just lift the butt and leg up, keep switching sides

Hi everyone, I hope your weekend went well. I know this is a super busy time of year for most of us but let's do our best to make the best of it. Set simple attainable health goals and try to reach them. This week let's all make an effort to drink more water. You'll feel so much better. Just google the benefits of drinking plenty of water and you'll get a million reasons. Here are a few

1. know the difference between when you're hungry and you're thirsty

2. keep up a healthy blood volume- blood is 70% water so if you are dehydrated, you'll definitely feel it in your workout if your blood volume is low!

3. aids with metabolism

4. aids with body temperature regulation

5. prevents water retention- crazy right? but if you're hydrated then your body won't feel like it has to hold on to every ounce.

Ladies and Gentlemen

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let's be clear about this. These workouts are for anyone. They are not gender specific. That is just silly. They will kick everyone's butt and are great for general fitness. They will help with general fitness, some will help with strength more than others, some will help with endurance more with others, many of these body weight moves even aide in flexibility. Ex. dive bomber push ups. Practicing deeper squats can also help with flexibility if you can't squat down without lifting your heels up off the ground right now. Let me know what you thought this workout worked the most!

I just realized i already posted this workout! bah! well maybe these explainations will help you further!

Abs Assassin 2/27/2011

23 minute workout

Set your timer for 10-50 15 rounds :) (10 is the rest period, 50 is max intensity)

round house kick with knee raise- if you have a dip station, do a kick over it, grab on to the handles and do a knee tuck, if you don't have a dip station, kick over a chair or imaginary chair, and jump down, jump feet out and in, jump up repeat on the other foot

side lunge jump- feel the burn, look this one up on you tube, start with one leg lunged out, jump the lunged out foot to where the other foot was, keep switching, for some reason this one can give people a hard time... it's hard for me to explain as well

reptile push up-(see other workouts for explaination)

sandbag clean and squat- we didn't have sandbags so you could also do a kettlebell swing and squat, or try the clean and squat with dumbells, or if you are a beginner, just squat with some light dumbells, curl them, and press them overhead

jump rope high knees- if you are not a skilled jump roper, do high knees without a jump rope while doing the jump rope hands, you might want to put a tennis ball in a sock and do the jump rope motion with that in your hands to mimic the actual exercise a little more

Okay, you're more than halfway done.... Now complete these two tabattas

10-20 8 rounds of star crunch butt lift- lay flat with hands under your butt or to your sides, lift the legs up, straddle them and crunch up forcefully, bring legs back together, lift your butt up off the ground slightly focusing on your lower portion of your abs, lower legs and repeat

10-20 8 rounds of surfers- start in a prone position, do a superman, jump feet under you and come into a snowboarder squat position with thighs parallel with the ground and most of your weight in the back leg, jump up, place hands on the ground to the side, return to your belly, complete another superman, hop up on the other side like you're getting up on a surf board.... keep switching sides after you get on your belly

you are now worked out. Congratulations!

Warm Weather Workout!

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I hope everyone has been having a great time trying out theseworkouts and training for a great spring break body. I have neverreally been a fan of just training for summer or just training forspring break. Keep in mind that working out and living a healthylifestyle will lead to so many more benefits other than just giving youa certain appearance. If you train for these reasons year round, therewill never be the "I have to get in shape in 2 weeks for spring break"stress. Here are just a few other reasons to workout other than lookinggood...


Why you should be working out and getting physical activity daily...


  • stress managment
  • decreased risk of heart disease
  • maintain weight loss
  • increase metabolism
  • increased energy
  • increased ability to accomplish daily tasks with ease (going up those stairs without becoming winded)
  • increase bone densityreduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  •  Increase HDL cholesterol - the good kind!
  • reduce future health care and medical expenses

And these were just a few.


Sunday's Abs Assassin Workout for warm weather!

(Beginner and Equipment modifications included)

10-50 15 rounds = 15 minutes of brutal cardio and abs! woo

1. kick over knee raise- do a round house kick, then do a knee raise on your dip station, if you do not have a dip station,do a round house kick, squat down, put your hands on the ground jumpyour feet back, jump them back to your hands, stand up, do anotherround house kick with the other leg, repeat

2. side lunge jumps- just do side lunge steps if you're a beginner

3. reptile push up- from a plank position, go down and bring the leg to the side so it touches the tricep, if you're a beginner complete this exercise from the knees

4. sandbag clean and squat- if you don't have a propper weight to clean and squat with, just do squat jumps, if you're a beginner, move to regular body weight squats

5. high knees with jump rope- if you are not skilled with a jump rope, grab some light weights and do high knees with those in hand, beginners just do high knees without any weight

If you have a few extra minutes try adding these to the end.

10-20 8 rounds of star crunch butt lift- laying on your back, raise your legs from the floor, split them apart and crunch up, put the hands beside you on the ground and with straight legs, lift your butt up, do a leg lower, and repeat

10-20 8 rounds of surfers- start on your stomach, do a superman row, jump feet under you like you are jumping up onto a surf board, jump up, land in squat, place hands on mat, jump feet back so you are on your stomach again, do a row, repeat on the other side





Abs Assassin BONUS workout

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10-30 8 rounds

cross under push ups- cross one leg under your body and place the foot about mid way between your foot and hands, do a push up, step that foot back, repeat with other leg- MAX INTENSITY

3 low jacks with lateral leg raise- MAX INTENSITY

You're going to need a couple dumbells...

100 jumping jacks with shoulder press

30 oblique crunches on one side

100 reptile sprints

30 oblique crunches on the other side

100 sumo high knees

10-30 8 rounds

commando push up + roll over + jump up!

Repeat the whole thing one more time! you got it!

The Complete Abs Assassin

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10-50 12 minutes total!

1. Jump Lunges

2. Star Crunch

3. Jump Lunges

4. Santana Push up with leg lift- do a leg lift while in the side plank

5.Jump Lunges

6. Rows/ pull ups if you have the means

7. Jump Lunges

8. Hanging one leg leg raises/ one leg toe touch

9. Jump Lunges

10. One leg dead lift aka. One leg RDLs (L)

11. Jump Lunges

12. One leg dead lift (R)

Have fun! look up the descriptions of the workouts in older workouts of mine, or look them up on youtube. There are always modifications for beginners.

Chipotle Burpee Workout

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Earn that delicious lemon-lime cilantro Chipotle rice with this intense 400 Rep workout. See how long it takes you to complete the following four times. Beginners might want to cut this in half and make it a 200 rep workout.

Abs Assassin #3

1. one leg burpee - 5 each leg

2. burpee knee raises- 10 reps       if you don't have a dip station- jump up, squat down, jump feet back, do a push up, roll onto back, do a knee hug, roll over, jump up

3. side burpee knee tuck-5 each side     jump up, place hands next to right food, jump feet to side, do a push up, lift the top leg up, jump in repeat

4. Burpee Step up- 5 each leg   step up onto a box or chair with one leg while driving the other knee to the chest, step down, squat down, jump feet back, do a push up, jump feet to hands, stand up, step up with the other leg

5. burpee roll over- 10 reps    jump up, squat down, decellerate yourself to the ground as you jump your feet back, roll over to one side, jump up, squat down, jump feet back, roll to first side

6. sumo burpees- 10 reps   from wide squat position, lift one leg and twist toward it, lift other leg and twist toward it (like sumo wrestler), place hands on ground, jump feet back, lift one arm and squeeze shoulder blades together, push up, lift other arm, push up, jump feet back in, resume wide squat

7. burpee pull up- 10 reps     do a pull up, jump down, do a push up     if you don't have a pull up bar, do rows instead, anything for the back.

8. half burpee jump over- 10 reps    jump up, squat, jump feet out into high plank, jump feet back in, jump up to a squat, from the squat jump horizontally, repeat then jump back to origional side

9. 2X jump lunge + 2 taping push ups- 10 reps     do two jump lunges, jump down, jump feet back, do a push up and as you come up lift your arm and tap one shoulder, repeat with tapping the other shoulder, jump feet back in, jump up, repeat

10. frog burpee- 10 reps     start in low squat, take a big hop forward, since you are already in a squat, just jump the feet back, do a push up, jump feet back in to squat, hop back, jump feet out do a push up, repeat

Abs Assassin #1 1/23/2011

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ABS- Awesome Bikini Stomach

Part 1

20 Snowboarders

60 sec Plank

20 Snowboarders

60 crunches

Part 2 - Interval Training

10-50 Four Rounds for the following sets of two exercises so you do each exercise twice

Commando Pushups with roll- start from stomach, push body up in one segment while tucking one knee in, lower your body back to the ground, push up and tuck the other knee in, lower body down, roll over, repeat

Knee tucks (R) then (L)- do one leg each interval

Side Hop, side lunge- hop with both feet together to one side, take a wide step to the side you came from, bend the leg so it is parallel with the ground and take the opposite elbow to that knee, push off that leg, hop the the other side

Side Plank Lifts

Round house kick with knee raise- do round house kick, then forcefully bring the same leg up to your side

Dynamo Push ups- if you cannot do regular push ups, do not attempt this exercise, just work on your regular pushups,  start from high plank, jump feet towards hands, as you jump them back do a push up, repeat