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Fall 2012 Last Class Workout

Posted by Sarah on November 28, 2012 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)
Part 1
10 seconds rest, 30 seconds work, 8 rounds
crazy crab dance
high knees

Part 2
10 seconds rest, 30 seconds work, 16 rounds
squat jump (with 10 lb weight)
wood chopper (with 10 lb weight) --- or do your favorite exercise here!
star burpee
sit ups (pressing the 10 lb weight over head)

:D good luck on finals everyone!

try to get at least an intense 15 minute workout everyday during these busy times!

Coach SJ

Thanksgiving FITNESS

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This workout may be intimidating at first but don't let it defeat you. I'm throwing a tough one at you today to test your mental fitness. I'll be posting a video on it soon so stay posted for that. There are always different variations of exercises that you can do if the version shown is too difficult. There are always ways to make these exercises more challenging as well. You just have to be creative. Anyway, today is the day to begin reaching your fitness goals for the holiday season. Just because you'll be bundled up and no one will be able to tell if you'ved gained a few pounds doesn't mean that you can slack because trust me, you're energy will plummet and the dreary days of winter will get the best of you. Do this for your health. Enjoy.

600 Rep Workout!

1. Half Burpee Jump Up – 60 reps

2. One Leg Elevated Push Up – 30 reps on each leg

3. Jump Lunges – 60 reps

4. One Leg Dead Lift with Sandbag – 30 reps on each leg

5. Crunch Tucks – 60 reps

6. Prisoner Squat Kick Up – 60 reps alternating legs

7. Moon Runner (dip station)  or tricep dips– 60 reps

8. Backward Lunge Jump Up – 30 reps on each leg

9. Chest Lift – 60 reps

10. Over The Chair Kick – 30 reps on each leg


The Easter Buns Workout

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Easter Buns Easter Workout 2/24/2011

40 Reps for time Sandbag backward lunge press up and squat leg lift

as you lunge back, press the weight over head, bring the weight down as you stay low and step the leg to the side so you are in a squat position, do a side leg lift, repeat on the other side (beginners try this weight less weight or no weight) more advanced should be using at least a ten pound weight for females)

12 rounds: 5 sec:15 sec Rocket Launchers

Do two low jacks, jump up, do two low jacks, jump up, you'll be alternating whether you jump up with your feet close together and far apart

20 reps for time Kick Ups and flip

move body towards the left, keep left hand on the ground, step left and place both hands on the ground, turn over keeping the left hand and foot on the ground, you are now in the crab position, do 5 kick ups, flip back over, try to get the leg in the air as you turn, repeat on other side

12 Rounds 10:10 Jump Lunges/ Mountain Climbers

keep alternating between jump lunges and mountain climbers! Give it all you got! this is the last part of the workout!

6 foot 7 foot

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600 Rep Workout- 400 rep, 500 Rep, 600 Rep BUNCH! 

complete 60 reps of each of the following exercises











300 Rep Thunder Workout

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I know this one is going to be a killer but you're going to feel so good and accomplished when you finish!!! Take it easy on  Saturday, but only if you push hard and give it your best effort!!!

  • side lunge knee tuck (L- do a side lunge, make sure the knee is not going over the toes, back flat and one leg is straight to the side, then push off the straighter leg and crunch the knee up
  • Side lunge knee tuck (R)
  • plank jump pushup and roll over- from a plank, jump the feet forward and back while decellerating body to the ground, roll over, repeat on other side
  • side crunch- laying on one side of the body, lift the body up into a v shape with the legs straight, keep switching sides
  • sandbag/ kettlebell swing (one arm)
  • pull ups- Do rows if you don't have a pull up bar availible
  • 1-2-3 up one leg half squat- basically do a one leg squat, pulse three times then power up
  • hanging knee raises- if you don't have anything to hang from do seated leg raises
  • 3 low jacks and jump up- do three low jacks with arms behind the head then hop up
  • tripple knee tuck and side step push ups- from a plank, tuck the knee to the side three times, then step the hand do the side and do a push up, repeat on the other side

Make every minute count workout

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Make every minute of your workout count. Push hard, listen to your body and don't slack! You're not only going to be helping yourself reach your goals but you're also learning to motivate yourself.

12 Minute workout

April 11, 2011


  1. chin up (or rows if no pull up bar is availible)
  2. prisoner jump squat(hands behind head)
  3. mountain climbers
  4. clapping push up
  5. jump lunge
  6. bicycle crunches
  7. dips
  8. forward backward lunge jump up (r)
  9. forward backward lunge jump up (l)
  10. side crunch (l)
  11. side crunch (r)
  12. burpees

Fight Fight Fight

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Hi everyone,

The weeks are counting down to summer and I cannot wait for all the awesome things to come. Consider this post your motivation to continue with your goals and maintain your progress.

Whether you have already started your journey to fitness or not, it is always beneficial to assess where you are at currently. Setting goals is sooo important for increasing your health or physical fitness. No matter where you are at, get a waist circumference measurment, a weight measurment, and a photo taken of you today. Write the date down, and reevaluate the same measures in a month. It might also be advantageous to pick an exercise challenge or test and record those results. Repeat the same test in one month. Unless you know where you are today, you can't tell how you've progressed.

Now, get ready to fight to reach your goals.

Fighter Workout

  • hops with light weights(alternating legs, one leg, back and forth, side to side)
  • side knee ups
  • DB crunch punch
  • Front Knee ups
  • round house kick, slide under- pretend you are sliding under an object
  • front DB jabs
  • side to side push ups
  • one leg squat pike press
  • rocky crunches
  • fast feet alt. with push ups

I didn't put reps, Challenge yourself, Make the reps challenging for your fitness level, don't take so much rest that you are fully recovered between exercises.

Long Strong Legs Pyramid

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I hope everyone is having a great day! Here is a great workout to really get your heart rate up and take your exercise intensity to another level. This is a time challenge so the point is to complete the whole thing in the least amount of time. Don't forget to write your time down in your workout journal so when you come back to this workout you can see if you've improved. ALSO, don't forget to note any modifications that you do (your time might not improve if you do an unmodified version the next time  you try it). 

Here it goes

BBC- 400 reps leg pyramid

20 jump squats

30 Two jump lunges with 1-2-3 push up- with the jump lunges, try to tap the back knee down every time, place the hands down, do three mountain climbers, on the last one keep your leg next to you and do a push up, go into lunge, repeat

Beginners- don't go as deep into the lunge, the push ups should be easier as is because there is a greater base of support with foot out to the side

40 Toe Touch Leg lifts- leg lift, crunch up and touch the toes, don't let the back come off the mat

Beginners- just do leg lifts, if need be then you can bend the legs for added assistance

50 in out roll overs- from a high plank, jump feet in, jump feet out, go down onto stomach, roll over, repeat on the other side

Beginners- step in and out instead of jumping the feet in and out

100 sumo high knees- get those knees high and out to the side like you are doing a standing crunch each time

50 in out roll overs

40 toe touch extensions

30 Two jump lunges with 1-2-3 push up

20 jump squats

20 sumo high knees

Have fun and let me know what you thought!:P

Sarah J. 

Real Fitness Now

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This weekend was a rough one for me. I caught a cold and I haven't been able to do a workout in a couple days. I still taught Abs Assassin yesterday though. Today I'm still not 100% but I'm feeling a little better so I think I'll give this workout a try. 

At least 80% of being healthy is diet and at least 80% of working out is mental. It is crucial that you listen to your body both during and outside of your workouts to determine what is healthiest for you. This past weekend, my body had a more important job to do than building muscle or gaining endurance so I knew not to work out. During your workouts you need to know the difference between feeling pain from injury and feeling uncomfortable from your muscles being worked. When it is musclular fatigue that you're feeling, then you have to deal with your mental endurance. Your muscles will be telling you that they are tired and that they want you to stop working out but since you know the difference between pain from injury and discomfort from working out, you know better than your muscles and you aren't going to let them trick you into quitting. Finish your set, finish your interval, and gain that fitness you would be missing out on. So as you can see, working out is not only about training your body to become more efficient, it's about training your mind to allow you to reach another level physically. 

Bikini Boot Camp

Exercise Challenge- 10 minutes


Interval Training- 4 minutes

12 rounds- 5 seconds rest, 15 seconds work

1. Blaster push ups- jump feet forward, jump feet back, jump them apart while you lower body down, jump them in while you push up, repeat

2. Jumper- two 180 degree jumps, jump tuck

My Own Worst Enemy Workout

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I hope that spring break went well for everyone. I hope these workouts are helping you achieve your fitness goals. Remember to keep up all your progress that you have made to this point and you won't feet pressured to do anything extreme for a particular event.

Today in class we are going to be talking about diet. Little changes are going to make the best long lasting lifestyle changes in the long run. We'll be talking about protein, fat and carbs, and where you can find reliable diet sources. With fad diets plaguing modern society, this information is invaluable so don't miss it!

Today's workout is appropriately named my own worst enemy workout because we are all our own worst enemies. Don't be afraid to push yourself to go outside your comfort zone in your workouts. Especially with body weight workouts like many I post here. With body weight workouts you don't run the risk of dropping some heavy weight on you toe! Even if you've never tried doing a regular push up before, try to do as many as you can before you switch to the modification. Worst case scenario, your muscles give out on you and you plop down to the floor. No big deal! Plus! You'll probably surprise yourself. Even if you don't, even attempting that exercise is going to help you in the next time you try it, and before you know it, you'll be amazed at how far you've come. It's no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy. :)

Here is today's main workout

My Own Worst Enemy Workout

Set your timer for 10 seconds rest 30 seconds maximum effort for 24 rounds.

1. Mountain Jump Lunges- Two jump lunges, Two mountain climbers

Beginners, do not go as deep into the lunges and do sprinting mountain climbers meaning you pump the knees to the chest rather than puting the ball of the foot down

2. Sliding push ups- lean down to one side, slide back to starting, repeat on the otherside

Beginners, try this from your knees

3. Crunch Scissors- keep kicking the legs as you crunch up and down

Beginners, put your hands under your butt for extra stability and just kick the legs without moving up and down

4. Reverse Push up and Knee Tuck (if you have a dip station) OR Rows with Tucks

Rows with Tucks- Start in a plank position, lift the weight up and squeeze the should blades together while stabilizing with the abs, lower the weight down, tuck each knee in, repeat on the other side

Beginners, use lighter weights or body weight

Lit- My Own Worst Enemy