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Hey. Here's some stuff you should know about trail running.

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Trail running


o Trail Running Facts and Benefits



  •  First known hill race took place in British Isles in 1068 and was won by the first runner who could stand at a point near the top that could be seen from the plain
  •  Improved coordination may be a side effect of running on uneven surfaces
  •  The abundance of trees and lack of carbon monoxide from vehicles is good for your mind and body
  •  Trail running may improve your technique by causing you to shorten your stride and land on the forefoot rather than the heel








o /



  •  All paces and skill levels welcome
  •  Tuesday Night Runs
    • • Run at West Hartford Reservoir #1
      • o Post run food and beers at McLaddens
  •  Every Other Saturday
    • • Exploratory run
  •  Go to the webpage to register to hear about runs and events
  •  Connecticut Trail Runners are also on facebook





Beginner Trail Running Four Week Plan


  •  Increase the time spent jogging as comfort level permits. It is okay to walk!



Week 1


M/W/F 20-30 min. walk/jog


Sat or Sun 30 min walk/jog


Week 2


M/W/F 20-30 min. walk/jog


Sat or Sun 35-45 min walk/jog


Week 3


M/W/F 30-35 min. walk/jog


Sat or Sun 35-45 min walk/jog


Week 4


M/W/F 30-40 min. walk/jog


Sat or Sun 45 min-1 hr walk/jog





o Basic Tips for Your Run


 Run with a friend or notify someone of your planned route


 Carry a map when running in unfamiliar places


 Drink about 8 oz of water every 15 minutes during training (NSCA)


 Dress for changing weather conditions (sunglasses, layers….)


 Always be aware of your surroundings




o Upcoming trail races


• Where the Pavement Ends Trail Race


• Date: Sunday, September 22, 2013


• Time: 8:00 a.m.


• Race Day Parking at Ridgebury School


• Start /Finish: Lake Windwing


o South Shore Drive, Ridgefield, Connecticut


• NATPRO (Nations Protectors) Adventure Race at Walton Pond


• Date: Sunday, October 20th


• Time: 10:00am; registration opens at 9:00am


• Where: Camp Area


• proceeds of this event will go to the Wounded Warriors Project, and the Trails Fund of Winding Trails



Unique Cardio Workout

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Don't forget to tailor these suggested weights etc, to your fitness level! 
See how many rounds of the following you can get done in 15, 20, or 30 minutes
try to do 3 rounds for time. Don't forget to record your time so you know how fast you did it in. 
  1. Row (500 or 1000 meters)
  2. 20 Med Ball sit ups
  3. 50 - 75 high knee jump rope 
  4. 6 plank, under body pulls (40-65lb weight kb)
  5. 6 Burpee Combo- broad jump, jump tuck, squat thrust, turn around << To see what the exercises look like. 


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Sorry about the lack of posts everyone. I've been really busy teaching and learning. But I have a little time now so I'd thought we'd talk about some aerobics!

So you're doing aerobic exercise when you're doing moderate intensity steady exercise that uses large muscle groups repetitively. For example, if I am doing squats with a bar bell, but I am doing 20 reps, i'm starting to get into those aerobic energy systems because I'm moving weight but it's not so heavy that I can only lift it a few times.

If I lifted that weight only 6 times, then I'm using anaerobic energy systems. This system provides quick energy for the muscles. We also shift from aerobic to anaerobic energy systems when doing HIIT. There is an absense of oxygen which dictates this switch over. 

So even though I'm teaching aerobics... I should really call it anaerobics since we do a lot of high intensity things! 

Start it up! Back to school

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Hi everyone. I'm about to start my graduate school adventure where I'll be teaching 5 physical activity classes! Yikes. This will also include educating my students on basic health and kinesthesia topics. Of COURSE i'll be sharing this information with you all as well. This starts now.

Transtheoretical Model of Change- Which stage are you in?

  1. Precontemplation Precontemplators do not see all of the benefits of making a change. The thought of change probably has not yet come to mind.
  2. Contemplation The person is contemplating the behavior change. The pros do not yet outweigh the cons and they are struggling with weighing the two against each other.
  3. Preparation These people are doing things that will help them during the action phase. For example if the behavior is to start working out, they might go buy new workout clothing or a gym membership. The behavior change will begin within the month.
  4. Action These people have actually started changing their behavior and must plan ahead to avoid setbacks and to keep advancing
  5. Maintenance These people completed their behavior change six months ago and are taking steps to maintain their progress



The following workout is great whether you are a beginner or more advanced. Note the modifications!

Warm Up


  • Trunk circles
  • Neck extensions/ flexion
  • Fingers to toes rotation
  • Toes to fingers rotation
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Arm cross overs (hugs)
  • Alternating vertical arms
  • Wrist rolls
  • Ankle rolls
  • Knee circles
  • Hurdlers
  • High march
  • Hop in place
  • Side to sides
  • Jumping jacks
  • Alternating side lunges w/ arm across



a.  20 Step Back lunges 10 in outs 10 ea. Sumo squat w. knee tuck X 2

b.  Interval Training: 8 rounds 10sec-20sec

Alternate between mountain climbers and Jump Lunges

Alternate between forward backward jump squats and standing mountain climbers

c. 100 each -Jumping jacks, scissor jumps, high knees

Cool Down! add some additional ab work if you have the time and you're feelin it. 




20 minute cardio annihilation

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We're going back to our basic tabatta. This is also a great beginners HIIT session. No matter what level of fitness you are at though, this is going to be tough if you are pushing yourself! BUT if it is your off go at about 70% your max. Have fun! 

Intervals: 10 seconds rest 20 seconds maximal intensity work, 8 rounds

complete eight rounds of each of these exercises for a total of 20 minutes of training

Part 1- Burpees

Part 2- jump lunges

Part 3- 3 jump squat extentions, with pull up or push up

Part 4- sumo high knees (use a jump rope if you're feeling it)

Part 5- crazy crab dance

Busy Day Cardio

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Hi there,

Today my schedule was pretty full but I still wanted to take some time to relax and workout. I did a little running yesterday for the first time in a long time so I wasn't really in the mood to run again today. Here at school we have amazing Livestrong spin bikes so I decided to take advantage of them. 

Here we go.: 20 rounds twenty minutes!

30 seconds relaxed spinning

30 seconds increased resistance standing spinning! push with your max effort

Zoom Treadmill Workout!

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1. Maintain posture, shoulders relaxed and back so they are aligned with spine

2. Breath effectively, in through nose, out through mouth, focus on contracting abs when you breath out

3. Do not hold on to the machine > increases capacity to burn fat

4. Incorporate interval training

5. Challenge yourself (wrist weights raise and lower arms, ankle weights can cause a lot of torque on the joints so be careful with those)

Repeat 2-4 times

· 2 min Incline 10, speed 4.0

· 1 min incline 0, speed 4.0

· 1.5 min incline 0, Speed 6.5

· 1 min incline 0, speed 4.5

· 2 min incline 5, speed 2.0